Bernard Barani

After 11 years as communication engineer in industry and with the European Space Agency, Bernard Barani joined the European Commission in 1994 as responsible for implementation of research and policy issues in wireless communication. He is currently Deputy head of unit in the CONNECT Directorate General of the European Commission where he is responsible for the definition and implementation of the 5G Public Private Partnership launched in 2013, as the flagship EC initiative to support 5G European R&D.

His field of activities covers strategic R&D planning and negotiations with stakeholders, standardisation, international cooperation, demonstration and pilot programmes. He is also involved in the implementation of the 5G Action Plan adopted by the Commission in 2016 to support early 5G deployment in Europe. He is also vice chairman of the Steering committee of the EUCNC conference, the main showcasing event for telecom research sponsored by the EU programmes.

In view of future R&D supported by the Commission under the next Horizon Europe programme proposed by the Commission (2021-2027), he is currently coordinating the setting up of a successor to the current 5G PPP.

He has an engineering degree from the ”Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne”.

1st 6G Wireless Summit 26 March, 2019

European R&D on Communication Systems, what’s next?

The European Commission has been supporting 5G developments in Europe for several years with the launch of flagship exploratory projects like METIS (2012), the launch of the industry driven 5G Public Private Partnership initiative (2013) and more recently the launch of the 5G Action Plan (2016). These initiatives have boldly supported the European technological know how and the emergence of the first version of the 5G standard, successfully completed in June 2018. Still, reaching the full 5G promise, and notably the massive adoption of 5G in vertical and B2B sectors requires additional work whilst early deployment announcement target primarily eMBB use cases.

In addition, the European Commission presented in June 2018 its proposals for the next Financing Framewok (2021-2027) including the Horizon Europe proposal for future R&D in Europe.

Against this background, the presentation will provide an overview of the achievements of the 5G PPP until now, outline the deployment roadmap for Europe proposed by the European Commission and assess the perceived missing bits to reach the full 5G promise of 5G for vertical industries. Taking a longer term perspective, the Smart Networks and Services (beyond 5G) proposal of the Commission currently under definition will also be presented, noting that this is still an open debate with the Member States in the context of the preparation of the next financial framework of the Union.



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