Magnus Frodigh

Magnus Frodigh is acting Head of Ericsson Research.

Prior to taking up this position, Magnus was Research Area Director for Network Architecture and Protocols at Ericsson Research, he was responsible for research in network architecture and protocols covering radio networks, transport networks and core networks including network management.

Magnus joined Ericsson in 1994 and has since held various key senior positions within Ericsson’s Research & Development and Product Management focusing on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies.

He was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1964.  Magnus holds a Master of Science degree from Linköping University of Technology, Sweden and a Ph.D. in Radio Communication Systems from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2013 Magnus is adjunct Professor at Royal Institute of Technology in Wireless Infrastructures.

1st 6G Wireless Summit 26 March, 2019

Towards a Connected Intelligent Future

The first commercial deployments of 5G have already taken place and the plans for the first steps for the evolution of the 5G standards are in place. The expectations are very high on 5G, and this time not only for the traditional voice and mobile broadband services, but also that 5G will play a major part in the ongoing digitalization and spur novel businesses in various verticals. In the coming years we will see a combinatorial effect of 5G connectivity, the edge cloud and AI that will drive change in an unprecedented way. During the era of the next generation networks, the data carried over wireless technologies will predominantly be between machines. The future generations must accommodate the needs and requirements from machine communication and provide trustworthy, flexible and scalable solutions.



Thank you to all who participated or co-operated in making the 1st 6G Summit happen!

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