Mauro Renato Boldi

Mauro Soldi, Telecom Italia

Mr. Mauro Boldi is Senior Technical Manager at TIM and coordinator of 5G PPP infrastructure project 5G EVE. He graduated with full marks at Politecnico di Torino, Italy, in 1998 and joined CSELT, the research centre of Telecom Italia, in the same year. At CSELT he has been involved in radio access network topics, with activities on antenna and propagation, radio over fibre solutions, collaborative networks, and energy efficiency. He is the author of patents and papers on the same topics as well as contributor to the Wiley book entitled “Mobile and wireless communications for IMT-advanced and beyond”, the chapter on 5G Architecture in a Cambridge University Press book on “5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology”. Recently, Mauro has been one of the main editors of the 2018 Wiley book “5G System Design -Architectural and Functional Considerations and Long Term Research”.

The Evolution Towards 6G, a European Operator View

The race towards the full deployment of 5G is in its full speed in these months and, at the same time, the research is already fully committed in the identification of the features characterizing the new system for the next years. From an Operator point of view these moments of change in the mobile communication system are always problematic due to the large investments required every time a new system is introduced commercially and, on the other hand, the clear need of being in the leading consortia to standardise it. A critical attitude is then natural, starting from the baseline of 5G and identifying possible new challenges to be overcome profitably in the next future. Meantime, operators are well aware of the critical role that future networks and platforms have for people and companies and society. The talk will focus on the current deployment of 5G as a starting point to identify possible future opportunities for an Operator in Europe like TIM, with a clear European bias. Some more promising areas of interest which could be part of the features related to the 6G will be mentioned as well. 



Final manuscript:
14 February 2020












Video recap of the 6G WIRELESS Summit 2019