Anna-Greta Nyström

Dr. Anna-Greta Nyström is Senior Lecturer in international marketing at the Åbo Akademi University School of Business & Economics in Turku, Finland.

Anna-Greta’s research initially focused on the telecommunications sector and technological convergence, studying the issue from the perspective of business networks and change in actor roles.

During the past ten years, Anna-Greta’s research has evolved to cover the ICT sector more broadly, with a focus on media services and media consumption patterns.

Anna-Greta is especially interested in researching business models in the media sector, and how innovative media services affect media use.

Anna-Greta has published her research in, e.g., Journal of Communications Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Technology Innovation Management Review, and International Journal of Technology Marketing

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

5G in the media industry

The media sector is constantly in a state of disruption, as consumers media use continues to shift alongside the introduction of innovative new services. Currently, media production environments labor under a slow and complex wired setup in the field, while delivery suffers from non-efficient distribution to clients. New media services require capacity and latency for enabling a mobile production environment; in order to break through with new media services (live streams, VR/AR/MR, UGC etc.) modern media delivery in mobile networks must handle a large number of simultaneous streams and clients, especially regarding popular live streams. The 5G EXPERIENCE consortium aims to address some of these issues by focusing on scenarios and use cases enhancing experiences of mass events, live virtual reality streaming, sensor and video analysis as well as real-time event monitoring and notifications. The presentation will give an overview of the challenges of the media industry in terms of media content production and distribution in 5G, as well as an overview of the 5G EXPERIENCE project.


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