Jorma Kivelä

Jorma Kivelä is co-founder and CTO of Jutel Oy, Finland. He has M.Sc degree on Electronics from the University of Oulu Finland.

He has more than 34 years of experience in global broadcasting technology and media asset management development. He has held CEO / CTO positions in several electronics broadcast technology companies including Jutel and Jutron Oy. He has also done research work on telecommunications, RF technology and ASIC design methodologies at the University of Oulu. He has several patents on audio/telecommunications including Visual Radio technology.

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

5G Media Production for Radio as a Service

Today broadcast media and radio need to be close to listeners. Linear radio is not just a music playlist but it is understood as a curated integrated service containing all kinds of media elements.  New technologies allow user generated content and efficient live production on the spot and change the business models of media production. The need to run radio broadcast operations from local or temporary studios on shopping malls, sports centers, schools etc. is increasing. 

Mobile networks have increasing role in radio and media business for both the production and distribution. Modern broadcast media production needs to be mobile, flexible and lightweight. In addition to media transportation the mobile networks are needed also for the production and control purposes. For broadcast media distribution the role of ip-based mobile devices is increasing especially for the young generation. In addition to unicast/multicast capacity issues this means also extra needs for production side as the linear live channel may be complemented by on-demand elements and parallel metadata.

A project has made to develop a necessary media production architecture and technology roadmap for flexible and efficient radio as a service media production in LTE / 5G environment. Special effort has been placed to gain experience and know-how of high capacity, low latency network possibilities for media production.

A cloud based architecture to support mobile production and control of a cloud-based radio production system has been developed and tested. Proof of concept tests were done with the radio as a service system.



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