Jose Costa-Requena

Dr. Jose Costa-Requena is research Manager at Networking Technology with focus on mobile networks, Ad-hoc and opportunistic networks, network security, green ICT and energy efficient data centres in the Department of Communications and Networking in the School of Electrical Engineering at Aalto University.

He has been managing the European Institute of Technology (EIT) ICT Labs SDN activity and the objective of defining the usage of SDN in mobile access networks. Dr. Costa-Requena also lead the architecture work package of EU project under CELTIC framework, MEVICO], SIGMONA and the objective of defining next generation mobile network architecture. The project won silver award.

Dr. Costa-Requena has been working simultaneously in industry gaining 20+ years of experience in system architecture and product development. He has been working in Nokia Mobile Phones and Nokia Networks as Senior Design Engineer from 1999 to 2001 where he contributed to 3GPP standardization (CN1-Core Network WG, SA3-Security WG and SA2- Services/Applications WG in 3GPP). Currently academic partner coordinating TEKES project TAKE5.

IEEE 5G SUMMIT 25 March, 2019

5G Finnish Open Research Collaboration Ecosystem

Finnish mobile innovation and research strength has been based on cooperation and smart combination of diversified resources. Building on the multiple research projects and tight cooperation between academia and industry brings Finnish researchers to the edge of mobile technologies. In this project we intend to create the easily accessible testing platform and environment for all 5G and Beyond 5G research as well act as a coordinator and hub of 5G research ecosystem in Finland. In 5G Finnish Open search ecosystem we bring multidisciplinary competences on radio, networking, computer science, IT, cloud technologies and new IoT services to cooperate and bear on the opportunities that make use the new technology to lead research in 5G and 6G mobile networks. This type of a large project is required for the industry to be able to maintain its competitive advantage



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