Mika Klemettinen

Mika is a Digitalization Director at Business Finland with responsibilities covering 5G, Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Platforms Economy, New Space Economy, Smart Mobility and Digital Trust programs as well as digitalization strategy.

Mika holds a PhD degree in Data Mining and has more than 25 years of academic and industrial experience, e.g., from Nokia and EU collaboration as well as from wireless communications, IoT, Big Data, MyData, artificial intelligence, intelligent solutions, cyber security and global collaboration. Mika is, e.g., a member of minister Lintilä’s national artificial intelligence and digitalization steering group in Finland with the responsibility of facilitating the data and platform economy subgroup. Additionally, he has been responsible for the Finnish government’s national data policy preparation through running the artificial intelligence and data group.

Mika in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikaklemettinen/

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

Finland as a Global Forerunner of 5G with the 5G Test Network Finland

Finland has always been a forerunner in telecommunications all the way from the times of NMT and GSM. Today, Finland leads in the 5G innovations and is already addressing the forthcoming 6G (http://www.6genesis.fi). The 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF, www.5gtnf.fi) is the most advanced in the world, bringing together leading global connectivity companies and operators. It covers the entire telecommunications value chain from research, development and manufacturing to network operators, service providers and public authorities. Moreover, it spreads the new communication capabilities to multiple industrial verticals leading them to the 4th industrial revolution.



Thank you to all who participated or co-operated in making the 1st 6G Summit happen!

Watch a video recap of three and half minutes to take you back to those moments 🙂

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6G WIRELESS SUMMIT Programme Leaflet as PDF

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3-day programme on one page  6G WIRELESS SUMMIT PDF

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