Mikko Uusitalo

Mikko Uusitalo is Head of Research Department Wireless Advanced Technologies at Nokia Bell Labs Finland. He obtained a M.Sc. (Eng.) and Dr.Tech. in 1993 and 1997 and a B.Sc. (Economics) in 2003, all from predecessors of Aalto University. Mikko has been at Nokia since 2000 with various roles, including Principal Researcher and Head of International Cooperation at Nokia Research. Mikko is a founding member of the CELTIC EUREKA and WWRF, the latter one he chaired for 2004-2006. Mikko is a WWRF Fellow. Mikko has about 50 granted patents or patent families.

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

Wireless for verticals

Push towards 5G has enabled new business opportunities for wireless technologies due to significantly enhanced extreme mobile broadband, due to enabling high amount of sensors to be connected with low energy consumption as well as via reliable (99,999%) transmission within 1 ms. Vertical industries can enhance their competitivity via such enablers. This talk summarizes the Wireless for Verticals (WIVE) project results over the last two years, including building enablers for 5G as well as testing the technologies together with industry verticals. Most of the focus is on 5G URLLC. WIVE is part of the 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF). 



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