Mikko Valkama

Mikko Valkama received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees (both with honors) in electrical engineering (EE) from Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finland, in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

In 2002, he received the Best Ph.D. Thesis -award by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters for his dissertation entitled ”Advanced I/Q signal processing for wideband receivers: Models and algorithms”.

Currently, he is a Full Professor and Department Head of Electrical Engineering at newly formed Tampere University (TAU), Finland.

In 2003, he was working as a visiting post-doc research fellow with the Communications Systems and Signal Processing Institute at SDSU, San Diego, CA.

His general research interests include radio communications, communications signal processing, estimation and detection techniques, signal processing algorithms for flexible radios, full-duplex radio, radio localization, and radio-based sensing, with particular emphasis on 5G and beyond mobile radio networks.

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

High-Accuracy Radio Positioning and Radio Sensing/Radar in 5G and Beyond Systems

The emerging 5G and beyond mobile networks will support radio access bandwidths in the order of 100 MHz – 2 GHz together with large antenna arrays especially on the network element side. These can facilitate very accurate time-based and direction-based measurements in the network, building good technical basis for very high-accuracy UE positioning and tracking. This is particularly the case when the density of the access nodes or transmission points is high and thus many of them can contribute to positioning measurements. Another interesting prospect in TDD based future networks is that base-stations can potentially act as inband radars or radio-based sensors. A central technical challenge is to facilitate sufficient transmitter-receiver isolation such that the base-station receiver can measure the reflections from different targets while transmitting the downlink signal. In this talk, we discuss the technical enablers, system and transceiver concepts and selected performance examples in the field of high-accuracy radio positioning and radio-based sensing in 5G and beyond mobile networks.


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