Taavi Hirvonen

D.Sc. Taavi Hirvonen is a team leader in Bittium’s Technology Management, where he is responsible for research collaboration activities and projects. Prior to joining Bittium (Elektrobit at the time) in 2000 Taavi Hirvonen has been working with the Radio Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University) and California Institute of Technology focusing on millimeter wave engineering. He is holding a docentship at University of Oulu.

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

Bittium’s view on 5G – requirements, opportunities and challenges in critical wireless communications

The presentation is an overview of the requirements, opportunities and challenges in critical wireless communications in a device and system integrator’s point of view. Defense, security and public safety markets are slowly evolving markets by their nature. They are characterized by long sales cycles driven by the national governments´ long preparation periods of projects and purchase programs. The purchases of the selected products are typically executed over several years. Additionally, products have typically very long life cycles. Utilization of commercial technologies is increasing in public safety solutions as well as in tactical communications, because the current (traditional) solutions  are limited in terms of capacity and services. Transition towards LTE-based technology is on-going. In the future, LTE will be accompanied and eventually replaced by 5G solutions. As the security threats are growing increasingly, more security demands are set for the communication systems. Availability and resilience of the critical services and geographical coverage are mandatory requirements. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently very intensive research topics and they will certainly find their way to critical communications solutions in the future.    



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