Tapio Rautava

Tapio Rautava has over 30 years experience in the global wireless telecom and semiconductor industries. During his career he has held positions at various global companies including Broadcom, Spreadtrum Communications, Renesas Mobile and Nokia. Tapio has extensive expertise in R&D program management, standardization, technology strategy, market analysis and cellular IoT business development. Currently he works for Uros Ltd as a Director, Strategic Partnerships. Tapio holds an MSc, EE from Oulu University.

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

Standards based closed networks: use cases and learnings

Current proprietary narrowband technologies like LoRa, Sigfox, Zigbee enable creation of an independent self-sufficient wireless networks in challenging and enclosed environments. 5G micro-operator scheme will enable the same from use case perspective but being compatible with 3GPP standards and core networks providing obvious synergies for deployment and management. NB1 and LTE-M as technologies are closing the gap but are operator deployment dependent. Complete IoT vertical solutions require use of both wide and narrowband radios, differing from low to high in terms of bandwidth and latency. Future radios must respond to these challenges.

Last fall Uros Ltd joined 5GTN project consortium, hosted by University of Oulu. December 2018 this collaboration led Uros to work with 5GTN and University to do a pilot to demonstrate micro-operator scheme in 5G test network utilizing Uros’ Smart Connectivity back-end service system. The results will be presented.



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