Fang Min

Fang Min, ZTE

Mrs. FANG Min received her Ph.D. degree in 1999 from Tsinghua University and joined ZTE Corporation in 2004. She has long experience of wireless R&D, standardization and patent protection. She participated all the standardization works of 3GPP LTE Release 8 by leading ZTE’s FDD and EPC standard team. She also made an outstanding contribution to the ZTE’s 5G R&D works on the Pre5G Massive MIMO Technology winning both the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough and the CTO Choice awards in MWC 2016. Currently, Dr. Fang is the director of 6G Research & Collaboration in the ZTE’s Wireless Division. She is coordinating the 6G wireless research activities on new services, new spectrum, new architecture and new enabling technologies. 

Service-Native Challenges toward 6G Network in 2030

Although the vertical business driver for 5G scale deployment is still under observation, the technology trends toward 6G in 2030 becomes the highlights of forums in the similar cycle from 2G to 5G. What’s the vision and timeline toward 6G network in 2030? What’s the potential uses cases and requirements toward 6G network in 2030? This presentation will share some considerations about the potential 6G services in advance of looking the potential 6G technologies. Then the service-native challenges toward 6G will be presented from the dimensions of networking architecture, the air interface and other enabling technologies. The joint feasibility study on these challenges by a more open industry-university-institute collaboration will not only shape the potential 6G technology framework but also pave the way of the potential Pre6G innovations for the 5G evolution. 



Final manuscript:
14 February 2020












Video recap of the 6G WIRELESS Summit 2019