Alain Mourad

Dr Alain Mourad is a Director Engineering R&D at InterDigital.

He is currently leading the research and development of Next Generation Radio Access Networks (NG-RAN) at InterDigital International Labs (Europe and Asia).

Prior to joining InterDigital, Dr. Mourad was a Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics R&D (UK) and previously a Senior Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe (France).

Throughout his career, Dr Mourad has held various leadership roles in the industry.

He is a prolific inventor with over 40 issued patents and several additional patent applications, an author/co-author of over 60 peer-reviewed publications, and a thought leader with over 100 talks given at international venues.

He received the Inventor of the Year Award from Samsung Electronics R&D UK twice in 2012 and 2013, InterDigital Innovation Awards in 2016 and 2018, and the 2018 Global Telecoms Awards “Highly Commended” in the category “Advancing the road to 5G”.

IEEE 5G Summit 25 March, 2019

EMPOWER: Empowering Transatlantic Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research

This talk will introduce the newly launched H2020 EU-USA EMPOWER project which is aimed at establishing a collaborative transatlantic community for developing the new connectivity frontiers beyond 5G. The talk will outline the activities planned in EMPOWER, noticeably the technology roadmapping and experimentation framework. The talk will conclude by issuing a call to the wireless R&D community to engage in and leverage the EMPOWER programme for fostering EU-US research collaboration on beyond 5G.


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