Bho Matthiesen, TU Dresden

Bho Matthiesen received the Diplom-Ingenieur (M.Sc.) degree and his Ph.D. (with distinction) from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, in 2012 and 2019, respectively. From 2012 to 2019, he has been a Research Associate with the Chair of Communications Theory, Technische Universität Dresden. Since 2020, he is a postdoc at the Visiting Excellence Chair of Petar Popovski in the Department of Communications Engineering, University of Bremen, Germany. He currently serves as a publication chair for ISWCS 2020. His research interests are in signal processing and communication theory, with a focus on global optimization methods for resource allocation. 

Efficient Global Optimization

Resource allocation in 6G networks requires the solution of challenging non-convex optimization problems. The main difficulties are due to the interference-limited operation of these networks and heterogeneous Quality of Service (QoS) constraints. This talk introduces the mixed monotonic programming framework that facilitates the fast global optimal solution of those problems and covers a large class of functions. Numerical difficulties of complicated non-convex feasible sets, especially due to strict QoS constraints, are illustrated and their solution with the successive incumbent transcending scheme are discussed. The presented methods are not only of interest to resource allocation specialists but also to system designers for assessing the performance limits of communication systems. 

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Final manuscript:
14 February 2020


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