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Can't log in with the password

If you are having trouble logging in with a password, try these tips first:


Check for typos

Make sure you typed the password correctly. If you copied and pasted it, there might be an extra space in the end.


Clear cache

The issue might also be due to your browser’s cache. Try the following:

  1. clear cache
  2. clear cookies
  3. allow password saving
  4. refresh page

Tips on how to clear your cache can be found here:

Optionally, you can also

  • Try to log in with another browser
  • Try logging in with incognito mode.

If you keep having issues, contact our support.

Full screen clips the video view

If you are watching videos with full screen mode and some clipping occurs, try switching to Image-in-Image mode. The symbol looks like this:


The symbol opens the video as a small, floating element on top of the screen. You can stretch that by dragging from the corner, to keep the aspect ratio perfect.

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